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Manning Sumner is the founder of Legacy gyms in Miami. After years of training professional athletes and A-list celebs, Manning developed a fitness system called Partner Interval Training P.I.T. ® that made professional-level fitness results accessible to everyone. This system has taken South Florida by storm. No Days Off is the driving philosophy behind the system, and it has grown into a movement that just keeps accelerating.

As Manning explains, “I truly believe that if you have a cause greater than yourself then work becomes more of a duty & purpose rather than something you “have” to do. It’s something you “want” to do. LEGACY for me is about having an impact on others that goes beyond these gym walls.



I heard one person describe it as, what will the dash on your gravestone represent 1977 – ????

I want that dash to represent a LEGACY that sparked change in people to have a real desire to become the very best version of themselves. A legacy that says I never took a day off on life on myself or on those around me.



When we say we want you walking out better than you walked in we meant it to the core. What LEGACY will you leave behind?”

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Holiday Session Bundle BONUS
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We’ve boosted our bundles for the holidays with extra sessions. Plus, use them within 90 days, and get the full value back in No Days Off apparel gift cards.

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