Our workout system is based on Partner Interval Training.  It creates an atmosphere of motivation and accountability.  I’ll never forget my first PIT partner – Jocelyn – when I went to check out a session.  She was strong, knew the system and encouraged me the whole time to keep going.  There was a moment when pushing the sled for the first time was very challenging but I could literally hear her telling me “You got this!  Keep going!”  From there, I was hooked.  I felt I could 

accomplish more just because I had the support of a partner.  

Now that I have the privilege to coach the Bootcamp, the partner element is important to me to instill in participants.  Here are some tips to make sure we are being the best partner to our workout buddy.

  1. Focus on Your Partner: Our workout requires focus.  When it is your turn, you want to have your partner engaged.  Counting your reps for you and spotting you if trying to increase weight.  When it is their turn, return the focus.  Avoid getting lost in your phone during their Reps. Encourage them as well and help each other get the best workout possible.   Be present within the session.
  2. Follow the Board and Rep Scheme: We carefully design the workout with your safety in mind as well as to drive results.  Not only can “doing your own thing” lead your partner astray but can lead to injury.  If you have an orthopedic restriction and one exercise is not ideal for your recovery, speak to your coach for a Legacy Fit approved exercise that compliments your recovery.  Our main objective remains to keep you safe and maximize your results.  Think twice before trying to “switch things up”.  
  3. Goal Set:  We all have health goals.  The power of P.I.T. is that you are not on your own.  When I pair up partners, many end up having similar goals in mind.  To get off blood pressure meds, to lose weight, or to live a healthy lifestyle etc.  Why keep these goals to yourself?  Goal setting can be a great tool for you and your partner.  If you make a goal to complete three-four workouts per week, then pre-book the session with your partner and check in on each other.  If your goal is to increase weights and get stronger, then keep track of what you and your partner lifted so it can progressively be upgraded to heavier weights.  
  4. Optimism is Contagious: I think we have all been around someone who complains about most things.  That can be very draining.  There is a big difference between “We have to do this again.” and “One more round, we got this!” Be as optimistic as possible and catch yourself if you start to complain.

Overall, show Up at 💯!! If meeting for a workout, do everything in your power to arrive on time and to make your session.  Be the partner that you want to have.  NO DAYS OFF® is a lifestyle focused on being the best version of ourselves so that means more then the exercise element.  That means embodying the community and culture of NO DAYS OFF®.  See you on the turf.

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